Holiday Decorating Package

Absolute Living Today: Expert Holiday Decorating Services

Every year you think about doing something different with your holiday decorating, but don't know where to begin. From birthdays and anniversaries to Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas, we are available to give your home or business the holiday spirit it needs. If you have a certain theme or need help determining one, we’ll be there throughout the entire decorating process. We’ll take the time to gather the information needed to give you the end result you’re trying to accomplish.

Absolute Living Today will assist in the purchase of a Christmas tree and do all the decorating for you. We’ve had several clients take advantage of this service. It’s a rewarding feeling to provide professional recommendations as well as performing decorating services to those who need our help. The look on their faces after their holiday rooms are completed is priceless.

Contact us for more information on our seasonal decorating services. Our creative drive and visionary solutions will give your room the holiday spirit it needs to brighten up your day!

Package #7: Hourly fee of $100*

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Holiday Decorating Session:
*Hourly fee with half hour increments of extended time at $50/half hour.