Idea Sessions Package

MirrorMate® Frames -

In most cases I will not sell anything I don't use myself, and once I purchased a mirror frame from MirrorMate® for my large mirror in my master bath, I was hooked. I knew I had to sell them to my clients.

If you want to Transform the look of your bathroom mirror in minutes with a MirrorMate® frame, Please Call 856-294-9173 or email for pricing and to schedule an appointment to measure.

If you decide you don't want to install it yourself, we can install for you for a small fee. If you purchase the frame through Absolute Living Today, we can provide you with a discounted price.

With channels like HGTV, more and more people are enjoying the process of decorating their own homes. Absolute Living Today can give you all the interior decorating advice needed to transform your home or business into a tranquil living space. We understand that some people are working with a limited budget and are afraid to reach out to a professional because of price. However, we make it affordable for you to consult with a professional.

Our decorating idea sessions enable us to create a plan that fits your budget and style. This is an opportunity for you to pick our brains with ideas for one hour (or more if needed) on placement of furniture, window treatment ideas, selecting paint colors, how to place accessories and much more! The goal is to put together a well thought out, creative plan on how we are going to move forward. Once the ideas are gathered, you can then do the work yourself or hire Absolute Living Today on a contractual basis. We can carry out specific tasks or take care of the entire project.

Our Idea sessions are a minimum of one hour at an hourly rate. Most idea sessions typically last an hour depending on how many rooms you’re looking to redecorate.

Absolute Living Today can solve just about any interior decorating challenge. Our decorating idea sessions are the perfect place for you to gain expert decorating advice and guidance.

Be the next person to experience the joy of having your decorating challenges solved. Contact us today to schedule a decorating idea session. We look forward to assisting you in any way possible!


Package #1

1 hour Idea Session - $135

Any time over the one hour Idea Session is charged by the half hour.

If you sign a full service contractual agreement at the time of the idea session, the idea session will be FREE*.

(Other terms and conditions apply. By signing a contract at the completion of the Idea Session there will be no charge for the session, but a prepaid fee will be required once the Full Service Contractual Agreement is signed. If you do not sign a Full Service Contractual Agreement at the completion of the Idea Session there will be a n hourly rate charged for the consultation.)